Friday, January 20, 2012

Robbing Heart Raccoon

This is the second Nugget Holder from my Cute Critters Collection - The Robbing Heart Raccoon!  Look at the mask!  There's always something mysterious about the raccoon's mask - it's so secretive!  It reminds me of Zoro.  He sure stole my heart!  This would be great for many occasions.

If you like this raccoon, make sure you sign up for Inking Everything with Becky!  You'll see more of my other artwork there.

As a reminder, Sale-A-Bration will begin on the 24th - that's only 4 more days!  I am so excited!  Stay tune until Monday - so make sure you don't order anything until then.  :)  I have a promotion of my own! 

Edit for Update: I've created tutorial for this critter. You can view this and the rest of my Cute Critter Collection on my Tutorials for Sale page.

Have a great weekend, Meu Amor (in Portegese since I already used Spanish)!


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