Monday, March 17, 2014

Tinkerbell Nugget Holder

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have something else that is green I want to share with you today:  Tinkerbell Nugget Holder.

I created Tinkerbell for Vrushti, my friend's daughter, and her friends to make at her 8th Birthday party.  They had so much fun (and a little confusion with the bent leg). :)  We also took pictures of all the kids with Vrushti and then made a scrapbook page for each guest

The tea box was so cute that I couldn't pass in re-using it.  You know, I feel like "going green" lately.  It stored the little bear and candy I made for Vrushti.

Her expression and eyes are not quite exactly like Tinkerbell herself, I must admit, but it still make Fairy Vrushti very happy!  Thank you for letting me share my creativity with your daughter and her friends, Setu!  It was such a beautiful day!

Have a wonderful day!

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