Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Treat Lamb

We've been having crazy weather around here. Last week, it was freezing cold. Then during the weekend, it was beautiful and sunny. Then it rained. And today, it's really windy. Some people told me it's earthquake weather. We live in California so it could happen and it happened on the Hayward Fault on Monday. Thank God, we were not affected by it though! It's still sunny today with all the wind and it reminds me that Spring is coming.

We saw Disney On Ice Toy Story with the kids on Saturday and then the rest of the time out in the garden during the weekends. We were weeding and trimming trees while the kids enjoyed catching ladybugs. Look at our lemon tree! We ended up with 33 bags of more than 20 each donated to the church to sell. There's still a lot more!

OK, so on with Spring approaching. I was inspired by Heather Summers' Sweet Treat Frog found here. So I created this Sweet Treat Lamb. The kids keep coming around to pick out an M&M or two, here and there, as it has an open trap in the back. I know, eventually, the treats will be gone! :)

Hope your day will always be sunny!


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