Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frog Critters

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!  I made these cute Frog Critters for my son's class - the Bullfrogs.  It's so cute when they sing their song.

We are the Bullfrogs!
Mighty, mighty Bullfrogs.
Everywhere we go...
People want to know.
Who we are...
So we tell them.
We are the BULLFROGS!

I created the Frog Critter 3 years ago as seen on Becky's blog and now some of the punches have been retired.  I recreate these using the current products.  So I was wondering what do we call a group of frogs?  I look it up on www.allaboutfrogs.org website and this is the answer.

A group of fish is called a School of Fish.
A group of geese is called a Gaggle of Geese.
A group of sea gulls is called a Flock of Sea gulls.
A bunch of cows and bulls is called a Herd of Cattle.
But what do you call a group of frogs?
Answer: An ARMY of Frogs!

And what do you call a group of toads?
Answer: A KNOT of Toads!

By Golly, we can always learn something new!  I didn't ask for Toads and now I know. Have a ter"ribbit" day!

Edit to update:  I got a lot of requests for a tutorial for the frog critter.  So I am making this available for $1.99.


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