Friday, November 25, 2011

Angry Bird Nugget Holder

I couldn't resist Black Friday shopping this year! My sisters started midnight and they asked me to join them. I rather sleep and wake up early! The lines weren't so bad at all so I was lucky!

When my son and husband first started to play Angry Birds, I was wondering why they don't name it something nicer. My son explained to me that the pigs stole their eggs so they got angry. OK, they are cute, but can't they be Adorable Birds instead? It seems like it's only a game so they don't think too much into this kind of emotion. I like something happier, but I guess it won't sell as much! My husband teased me and asked if I am going to make a happy bird that looks like Angry Bird? Hahaha! I'll just go with what it is!

Isn't he adorable on the sling shot? I see a lot of Birthday Party with this theme lately and I thought I can also make it for Christmas with different wrap as shown on this post. All I have to do is add some cords and I can hang him up on my Christmas tree like these critters that I made a couple of years ago!

Happy shopping!


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