Saturday, May 26, 2012

MDS - Angry Birds Party Invitations

My 2 sons' birthday party is coming up! I can finally post these pictures as all the invitations are sent out.  I make these hybrid cards using My Digital Studio (MDS). I love to create punch art, but it a little bit more time consuming to create the initial punch art in a digital world. However, once it's done, it's so wonderful to print as many copies as you like.  So I decide to do a hybrid digital punch art!

I am not sure if anyone has done this before, but I just thought of hybrid digital punch art!  I click on the circle punch in MDS and adjust to the size that I want.  I use paper fill to select one of the DSPs (anything- it doesn't matter).  Double click on image with the DSP and then click "replace image".  I select one of the wall papers that I downloaded from the internet.  Center it and got myself a red Angry Birds face instantly!  To make it Stampin' Up! style, I select the 5-Petal Punch to create its top feather.  The font is a free download and it's called Feast of Flesh.  I add a little bit of wrapped Baker's Twine around the slingshot image to create a little texture and to mimic my real piece of punch art from this post

Since we are celebrating their birthday party at mini golf course, I added a little slogan in the back of the invitations like this.

Let's Save the eggs!

Please join us in celebrating
Ryan's 8 th & Jake’s 5th Birthday!

There are no slingshots,
Just some fun swing shots!

I will show you the rest of the party favors after the party.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



  1. Super cute and great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. My 4 1/2 year old says these are the "coolest" :) His nana got him hooked on angry birds on his 4th birthday when she came to visit. So we broke down and got an iphone (sad my mil is more up-to-date on technology) Very cute card!!! ;)


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