Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frankenstein and His Brother

I've made many different versions of Frankenstein for the last few years. Angie Juda totally inspired me when it comes to making Halloween treats (the box on the right). Last Friday, while I was getting dinner ready, my son, Jake showed me a piece of chocolate and this was how the conversation went.

Me: "Where did you get the chocolate, Jake?"
Jake: "From Frankenstein's brother!"
Me: "Who? Where? Can you show me?"
Jake: "Over there! That guy!" He was pointing to Dracula!!!

I made Dracula out of Top Note Die, totally CASEd from WunsaponaTime at YouTube. I love how she used the Round Tab Punch to make his nose. Since Jake mentioned that Dracula is Frankenstein's brother, I thought I should whip up Frankenstein from a Top Note Die as well.

I also noticed that my Frankenstein box was missing so I asked him.

Me: "So where is my Frankenstein, then?"
Jake: "He's scary so I cut him."

Does this ever happen to you?


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