Monday, February 17, 2014

Labor Of Love For My Valentines

Hello, there!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and a nice President's Day weekend.  This year, I wanted to simplify the kid's Valentines Day gifts.  So I started out by making gifts for Jake's friends using all the things I have in my stash.

They were so simple that I finished them a couple of weeks before Valentines Day!

I was not sure what to make for Ryan's friends.  So I started to make these bears for my sons instead.  They turned out really cute and then Ryan wanted to me to make them for his friends.

I couldn't possibly finish 30 bears on time with all the activities we've been having lately and told him to save it for next year.  No, he begged and begged me to do so.

While working on these bears, my husband said he couldn't understand why I would spend the time doing this since some kids (the boys) would not appreciate them.  I told him it melted my heart to see Ryan cared enough about his friends to beg me to do them.  It's "Labor of Love" to me.  The next thing I knew, my husband sat down and asked me, "What can I do?"  That's so sweet since it's the first time he had ever crafted with me!

We finished 30 bears on time to pass them out to the 4th graders and teachers.  They loved them!  Some of the kids ran to me to say "Thank You" after school.  Other kids were snuggling and patting on the bears while showing their parents.  One particular boy, Ismael, emphasized, "Everyone liked them!" when I told him that I am glad he liked it.  I think 4th graders are perfect kids in receiving these bears.  They are not too young to take them for granted and they are not too old to feel embarassed to receive them. :)

My kids love them and can't thank us enough!  Who wouldn't when they are only about 2-1/2" tall?  Even the teachers were excited to receive them.

They are ADORABLE!  Thank you, Patty Bennett, for a great tutorial!


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