Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini Bite Brownie Boxes

Well, hello, again!  As you know, I don't normally bake sweets, but my family loves them.  Lately, I have been in the kitchen more - trying out new recipes to give my kids and husband some healthier versions of the sweets out there.  I made some Mini Bite Brownies yesterday.  The kids enjoyed it very much and I thought I pack some for their school snacks today.

These boxes look like cake boxes!  The Brownies are made from black beans, pumpkin puree, and dark chocolate.  I got the recipe from here.

They look like this before putting them in the fridge and wrapping them.  Can you tell I am not too fancy in putting on the toppings? :)

The cute boxes make up for it, right?  To make the box, cut out a 4-1/2" x 7" piece of card stock.  Score 1-1/4" and 3-1/4" on the short side.  Score 1-1/4", 3-1/4", 4-1/2", and 6-1/2" on the long side.  Cut the sides and round the corners of the flap.  Punch a 1-1/4" circle on both the CS and DSP at the top.  For the insert, I use the left over piece and cut into 2" x 2-1/2".  Score 1/4" and 2-1/4" on the long side and punch a hole with 1-3/4" circle to hold the Brownie in place.  Adhere it all the way to the bottom of the box (1/4" high).

I am surprised that they are delicious and healthy!  Hope you will have a sweet day!


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