Saturday, April 7, 2012

Angry Birds - Blue Bird

Good Morning!  It has been awhile since we created an Angry Birds character.  I made these nests based on Brenda Quintana's direction here. Thanks, Brenda!  I love your work!  These nests are so cute as they are, but they are for my sons so I want to add these little Blue Angry Birds to them!

The Blue Bird is a smallest and weakest character in the Angry Birds game.  However, it has the ability to split into a three identical birds to maximize its force.  It has with 3 different expressions, too. How fun!

I love the surprise and happy look, but to mass produce this bird, the close beak and no eye-liners will do a faster trick!  I don't know if anyone does this or not.  I love to do eye-liners (what I named it) on my punch pieces as shown on the surprised bird.  I hold the punch piece between my thumb and forefinger (or tweezers) and roll the edges on the ink pad.  It gets my fingers very inky and then sometimes it smears on the punch pieces.  However, it really define the punch art - much different than sponging!  Try it on a few pieces, but don't mass produce!  Ask me how I know.  Never mind, just look here.  :)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and may God bless you and your family!



  1. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing the links.

  2. The blue bird on the nest of "eggs" is too cute -thanks for sharing --my coworkers would love this little gift of treats

  3. These "Angry Birds" are just too cute for words. My Grandson would just love this. Is it possible to get a tutorial and patterns for this?


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